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Guidelines for
Subscription Agency

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    G   u   i   d   e   l   i   n   e   s        f   o   r
    S   u   b   s   c   r   i   p   t   i   o   n        A   g   e   n   c   y
    In order to avoid subscription errors like length of subscription, shipping address, amount paid...
    we ask you to observe the following:
  • Agency ought to limit customer shipping address to four lines - each line max 27 characters, including spaces.
  • AEQ does not accept orders with hidden (blind) recipient's postal address e.g. c/o subscription agency.
    Agency must reveal "end user"
  • AEQ is glad to extend to any Subscription Service Agency one of the following price discounts
    • 50% discount for more than nine hundred subscriptions at the time of order
    • 40% discount for more than five hundred subscriptions at the time of order
    • 30% discount for more than three hundred subscriptions at the time of order
    • 20% discount for more than one hundred at the time of order
    • 10% discount for less than one hundred subscriptions at the time of order
  • Subscription Agency must provide mailing list on CD or PDF file for one hundred or more subscriptions
    - please arranged USA addresses in zip code order, foreign addresses by country
  • Subscription agency discount applies only to annual subscription @$189.00 each
  • Annual subscription can start anytime of the year, except retroactive.
    Request subscription by year/quarter (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) or volume/issue.
  • Payment must arrive not later than one month before subscription starts.
    • Spring   end of   January
    • Summer   end of   April
    • Fall   end of   July
    • Winter   end of   October
  • Make check in US $, drawn on a US bank, payable to "Rapid Intellect - AEQ"
    Send your order to AEQ postal address on this page.
    C   l   a   i   m   s
  • All subscription errors must be reported in writing by postal mail within sixty days of the occurrence.
  • Failure to receive any number of the AEQ must be reported in writing by postal mail within
    four months of scheduled delivery if claim is to be recognized.
  • When this journal can show proof of shipment - agency will not hold AEQ liable for lost shipment.
  • Damaged claim must be reported in writing within sixty days of the occurrence.
    Take pictures of the damage journal and mail or email to:
    -- Academic Exchange Quarterly, PO Booox 131 , Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174 USA
    We will send replacement, free of charge.
    You must retain the damaged journal and packaging until the claim is resolved.
    Because, in some cases, we may ask for both a photograph and the damaged journal.
  • Failure to observe AEQ guidelines may result in suspension and/or refusal to accept
    any new orders from a particular subscription service agency.


Canadian and Foreign Checks
This journal accepts checks drawn on foreign banks in U.S. dollars which are payable through a bank in the United States, and have MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) encoded with the U.S. bank's ABA (American Banker's Association) routing and transit number at the foot on the left side of the check. For details read Wikipedia article

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Said request must 
include name and 
title and phone 
number of the person 
making the request, 
plus self-addressed-

The mailing label
has the expiration date.

All  subscription 
errors must be 
reported within 
sixty days of  
the occurrence.
Supply, order 
approximate date   
and recipient 
postal address.

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