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   2017 marks our 20th year of publication   

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   2003 - present   
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   2001 - present
   2017 - present
             November 2019     U   P   D   A   T   E

    1st OPTION without any upfront cost
    2nd OPTION at no cost at all
    3rd OPTION pay market value based
       on five factors

      1- RIG as a whole, entry #2 and #3
      2- AEQ print and three OA
      3- SIB and WAAE-W with text from SIB
                      2019  opportunity to acquire  RIG
Rapid Intellect Group Inc (RIG),    20 years old  family-owned academic  
publisher  - financially self sufficient  - is known for two print  publications:  
Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ)  and  Sound Instruction Books (SIB),  
plus  a number of open-access  venues  (OA) and  recently WAAE-W.

Content is the difference between AEQ and SIB.  Each issue of AEQ 
covers a range of topics while each SIB volume includes a specific topic.  
 AEQ -  regular quarterly  publication -   has published  84  print issues:   
	2700+  articles  by 3600+ authors  from 1160+ colleges and  
	universities  located  in the USA and  50+ countries.
OA - Editors' Choice,  HOW-TO-ESSAY ,  Zeitgeist Essay -  usually makes
	selected full-text articles  free to all, authors and readers.

SIB - irregular publication - has published 14 print volumes:  280+ articles  
	by 340+  authors  in the USA and  abroad.
WAAE-W - Writing American Academic English Workbook - 8 chapters, 
	48 units, 600+pages

As a whole  RIG with 4000+ published articles and twice the number of 
rejections  (1997-2019) offers  unique data source  for research.

Additional AEQ and RIG details are often available in   80+ Guest Editorials. 
Thorough explanation of  AEQ-RIG workings is in the 10th  Anniversary  
Editorial  One Decade of Past Accomplishments;   A Second Decade of Challenges 

Today, in 2019, instead review of 2nd decade activities,  2008-2018,  I offer  
 this  Fall 2019   brief RIG overview and  give  opportunity to acquire  RIG.  
Because at 70+ years old,  it is time to step down as  publisher  and  owner.

For an interested party to acquire RIG, there  are THREE OPTIONS: 

 1st   OPTION  without  any upfront cost 
     The following (1-2) is required, (3-4) recommended to know and utilize   
     -  to be  managed by different academic departments and faculty 
     in service to  the university. 
    (1) This acquisition  is open to college or university
    (2) Transition period:  3-5 years  full-time employment 		
         followed by  2-4 years  part-time  work  
    (3) RIG typical, quarterly  recurring  tasks are more/less similar for
       AEQ, SIB  and open access outlets. Tasks completed  when 
       needed (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) can be staffed by faculty  
       and students (at faculty discretion).       Here are 17 examples:
         1. promote (1-2 years in advance) upcoming topics
         2. process received submission
         3. provide  double-blind-peer-review
         4. offer  limited assistance  with content editing  
         5. offer limited assistance  with  copy editing
         6. offer ESL assistance to some international authors 
         7. decide to publish or reject  revised  submission
         8. schedule for publication in print edition and/or open access
         9. prepare camera-ready-copy for printing 
       10. assure timely printing and mailing to subscribers
       11. prepare HTML copy for webpage 
       12. assure timely uploading to RIG open access webpages
       13. maintain proper workings of  RIG platform, webpages
       14. keep track of RIG  finances:  income  (e.g. sale of  print edition)  
	 and expense (e.g. cost of printing)
       15. coordinate contacts between authors, readers and AEQ 
       16. manage  the entire process 
       17. complete production of  WAAE-W, end of 2023 
	This last  task differs somewhat from the one listed. 
	WAAE-W may be excluded from acquisition depending on 
	potential new owner interest or qualification to handle:
	-  editing workbook intermediate level
	-  produce workbook elementary level
	-  plan to produce workbook advanced level
	-  research involving: text data mining, text mining, text analytics 	 

   (4) Acquisition of RIG offers: 
       - faculty options to engage in service to the university and
	a chance for growth in the field of specialty
       - students opportunities to participate in practicum  
	and/or internship projects under faculty supervision
       - university  a competitive advantage in higher education.

 2nd  OPTION  at no cost at all - instead   
Promote and publicize   RIG-BEEM-W    with
your family members,  friends, colleagues, and  Social Media:
Facebook,  Google,  Instagram,  suitable  listserves,  Twitter.

Each  subscriber  generated    by you  gets    additional $10  off  
of subscription  cost, and you receive one point for each subscription 
 toward  acquisition…..  Total number of required   points varies 
depending on  choice of acquisition. 

The first review is  at  the  end of February  2020. However,  
ownership of  AEQ   or SIB may be  obtained, ahead of said  
review,  as soon as  required number of points are attained or   
any other option  has materialized.  

BTW   abovementioned  “promote and publicize”  may also serve  you
as  indicator of your ability to promote acquired  RIG.   Because 
“promote and publicize” never stops with RIG - unique   small 
independent publisher  -   outside  oligopoly  of  academic  publishers 
such as  Reed-Elsevier,   Wiley-Blackwell,  Springer,  and Taylor & Francis. 

To learn more about OLIGOPOLY read:     Larivière V, Haustein S, Mongeon P (2015) 
The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the  Digital Era. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0127502.  

  3rd OPTION pay market value based   on five factors  
     1- financial formulas 
     2- geographical  coverage  of print and OA  publications  
     3- growth potential 
     4- potential   academic value to a would-be acquirer 
     5- trademarks and other intellectual properties 

Recognizing tasks associated with running RIG,
please detail your qualifications in a postal letter to
POB 163
Stottville, NY 12172 , USA

   2019 - present     RIG-BEEM-W

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