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Winter 2017     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 21, Issue 4

    Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
	 Rural Teacher Residency program 
	Rebecca Fawns-Justeson,  California State University, Chico

5866-8w ...  Recruitment and retention: Whose job is it? 
	Jeff W. Bruns, Piedmont College, GA
	Richard Nichols, Sterling College, KS
5862-7z ... Professional Development: The Good, Bad, and Ugly 
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
	Caroline Crawford, University of Houston – Clear Lake
	Terri Edwards Bubb, San Jacinto College
5861-7z ... Facebook to Promote Extracurricular Experiences 
	Cynthia Gillette Dormer, Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO
	Rachel Sinley, Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO
5858-7z  ... Strategies to Boost Your Writing Productivity 
	Amber Fallucca, University of South Carolina
	Michelle M. Maher, University of Missouri-Kansas City
5844-7j ...  Preparing Students to Confront Life’s Unknowns 
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University
5839-7j ...  Using And then there were none to teach crime 
	William R. Pruitt, Virginia Wesleyan University
5827-7l  ... Culture, Instruction and Online Learning 
	Karen Carey, Northeastern State University, OK
	Cassandra Smith-Cline, Northeastern State University, OK
	Jim Ferrell, Northeastern State University, OK
5798-v15 +5246-2v ... Developing Well-Prepared, Collaborative Teachers in the Rural Teacher Residency Program  
	Rebecca Fawns-Justeson,  California State University, Chico
5781-v14+2982-5j ...  International health service learning models 
	Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia 

  The ten of the most impactful journal articles published by Academic Exchange Quarterly 
	as counted by Google Scholar in December 2017  

4866-1l ... Gamification in education: What, how, why bother? 
	 JJ Lee, J Hammer -   Cited by 722 Related articles 
2534-4l... An instrument to measure mathematics attitudes 
	 M Tapia, GE Marsh -   Cited by 419 Related articles  
2001-o1...  Assessing the effectiveness of problem-based learning in higher education: Lessons from the literature 
	 CH Major, B Palmer -  Cited by 274 Related articles  
2903-5j... The role of sampling in qualitative research 
 	AJ Onwuegbuzie, NL Leech -  Cited by 133 Related articles  
2529-3j...  Peer debriefing: Who, what, when, why, how 
	 MA Spillett -  Cited by 92 Related articles  
2031-1z... Feminist pedagogy: Identifying basic principles 
	 LM Webb, MW Allen, KL Walker -  Cited by 67 Related articles  
2332-3l ... Foreign language anxiety and student attrition 
	 P Bailey, AJ Onwuegbuzie -  Cited by 53 Related articles  
2292-3w ... Fostering a sense of justice through international service-learning 
	 K Monard-Weissman -  Cited by 51 Related articles  
3210-5z... What predicts student teacher self-efficacy? 
	 YC Aydin, AW Hoy -  Cited by 51 Related articles  
2206-2z...  International students: Information literacy or academic literacy 
	 W Badke -  Cited by 42 Related articles  
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