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Winter 2009     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 13, Issue 4

Table of Contents
	Outgoing Editorial:  Six Memos for Writing  /  4
	Incoming Editorial:  An Invitation to Join Us  /  7
	Collaboration  /  8
	Media  /  10
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Student Philanthropy in Colleges and Universities  /  11
	Jennifer Millisor, Northern Kentucky University, KY
	Julie Cencula Olberding, Northern Kentucky University, KY
	E-mail:  olberdingj@nku.edu
Elementary Social Studies and the Internet  /  17
	Alison A. Dobrick, William Paterson University, NJ
	E-mail:  dobricka@wpunj.edu
The Process of Creating Program Learning Outcomes  /  23
	Lynn Henrichsen, Brigham Young University, UT
	Mark Tanner, Brigham Young University, UT
	E-mail:  Lynn_Henrichsen@byu.edu
SLD Identification: An Analysis of State Policies  /  29
	Edward K. Schultz, Midwestern State University
	Tammy L. Stephens, Texas Woman’s University
	E-mail:  edward.schultz@mwsu.edu
Ivory Towers, Information Silos, and Extinction   /  35
	Jason Stone, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City
	E-mail:  esto@osuokc.edu
A student teaching collaboration in mathematics  /  42
	Theresa Gurl, Queens College, CUNY
	E-mail:   Theresa.Gurl@qc.cuny.edu
The Use of Blogs as a Knowledge Management Tool   /  50
	Delaney J. Kirk, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee
	Timothy L. Johnson, Drake University
	E-mail:  dkirk@sar.usf.edu
iPods and iTunesU in Online Education  /  56
 	Michael A. Kanters, North Carolina State University, NC
	P. Brian Greenwood, California Polytechnic State University, CA
	E-mail:  mkanters@ncsu.edu
Collaborative online examination   /  61
	Kathleen E. Norman, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
	E-mail:  kn4@queensu.ca
Perceptions of Audio Material in On-Line Courses  /  66 
	Beth S. Russell, Worcester State College
	Amy Cota-McKinley, Worcester State College
	Jeremiah J. Trudeau, Hampshire College
	E-mail:  Beth.Russell@worcester.edu
Collaboration in the Composition Classroom  /  71
	Deanna Mascle, Morehead State University, KY
	E-mail:  deannamascle@gmail.com
Goal Structure, Emotion, and Course Satisfaction   /  76
	YoonJung Cho, Oklahoma State University 
	Yan Yang, University of Texas at Brownsville
	Susan Mathew, Oklahoma State University
	Hyeyoung Bang, Bowling Green State University
	Sungah Kim, Oklahoma State University
	E-mail:   yoonjung.cho@okstate.edu
Placing Student Learning at the Center  /  83
	David M. Carroll, Western Washington University
	Joanne Carney, Western Washington University
	E-mail:   David.Carroll@wwu.edu
Technology to Support Oral Presentation Skills  /  89
	Karen A. Curto, University of Pittsburgh, PA
	Trudy Bayer, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, PA
	E-mail:  curtok@pitt.edu
Collaboration at Frontiers of the Disciplines  /  94
	Gregory D. Wilson, Iowa State University
	Alyson G. Wilson, Iowa State University
	E-mail:  gdwilson@iastate.edu
Collaborative Communities and Mississippi Schools  /  98
	Sylvia L. M. Martinez, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	John Weathers, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Shelmon Brown, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Glenda Carne, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Michael Lamphere, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Dena R. Samuels, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	E-mail:  smartin2@uccs.edu
Team Teaching Collaboration in Higher Education  /  104
	James W. Jones, Ball State University
	E-mail:  jwjones@bsu.edu
Same Mathematic Curriculum in Different Schools  /  110
	Tammy Eisenmann, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
	E-mail:   Tamar.Eisenmann@mail.huji.ac.il
Becoming Ecocomposition  /  115
	Christian R. Weisser, Penn State University, Berks
	E-mail:  crw17@psu.edu
Critical Literacy for Media Literacy Education  /  121
	Mi-Hyun Chung, Mercy College, NY
	Lena Lee, Miami University, OH
	E-mail:  mimchung@gmail.com
Public Schools and Students with Disabilities  /  128
	Martin G. Brodwin, California State University Los Angeles, CA
	Steven C. Fleisher, California State University Channel Islands, CA
	E-mail:  mbrodwi@calstatela.edu
Creating a Learning Community for ECE Majors  /  135
	Petra Symister, Kingsborough Community College,  NY
	Z.M.G. Sarwar Jahangir, Kingsborough Community College, NY
	E-mail:  petra.symister@kbcc.cuny.edu
Heroic Sustainability: Composing Virtual Gardens   /  141
	Katherine Ellison, Illinois State University
	E-mail:  keellis@ilstu.edu
Behavioral Interventions within a RTI Framework  /  146
	Ronald E. Fritsch, Texas Woman’s University
	Lloyd Kinnison, Texas Woman’s University
	Layne Pethick, Winona State University
	Tammy L. Stephens, Texas Woman’s University
	E-mail:   RFritsch@twu.edu
Teaching Reflection through Service-Learning  /  150
	Margaret T. Clark, Gannon University, PA
	Kathleen M. Kingston, Gannon University, PA
	E-mail:  clark021@gannon.edu
Collaboration Evolves into Learning Community  /  157
	Maria Martinez Witte, Auburn University
	Iris M. Saltiel, Troy University 
	James E. Witte, Auburn University
	Paul T. Hackett, Columbus State University
	E-mail:  wittemm@auburn.edu
Theory to Practice Learning: Two approaches  /  162	
	Michelle Villeneuve, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON
	Margaret Jamieson, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON
	Catherine Donnelly, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON
	Jill Lava, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON
	Cathy White, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON
	E-mail:  michelle.villeneuve@queensu.ca
Media Literacy and LGB Issues in the Classroom  /  167
	Sean Robinson, PhD, Argosy University, Washington, DC
	E-mail:  serobinson@argosy.edu
Parasocialization and Children with Disabilities  /  174
	Stacy L. Carter, Texas Tech University, TX
	Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter, Texas Tech University, TX
	E-mail:  Stacy.carter@ttu.edu
Conceptualizing Critical Global Media literacy  /  180
	Siho Nam, University of North Florida
	E-mail:   snam@unf.edu
The Hits & Myths of Cross-Battery Assessment  /  185
	Tammy L. Stephens, Texas Woman’s University
	Jessica A. Rueter, Sam Houston State University
	E-mail:  TStephens1@twu.edu
Generational Gaps in Indian Americans  /  190
	Srilata Bhattacharyya, Adelphi University, New York
	E-mail:  bsrilata@yahoo.com
Affective Mentoring and Cultural Competence  /  196 
	Valerie McGaha-Garnett,  Oklahoma State University, Tulsa OK
	Maura Pollak, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa OK
	Sherri Greene, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa OK
	Lauren Deere, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa OK
	Sherryl White, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa OK 
	Lisa K. Battle, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK
	E-mail:  Valerie.mcgaha@okstate.edu
Field Experiences in Urban Schools Matter!  /  201
	Julie L. Rosenthal, William Paterson University, New Jersey
	E-mail:  rosenthalj@wpunj.edu
Views of Interaction in the Global Media Network   /  208
	Wei Ma, Ball State University, IN
	Jon M. Clausen, Ball State University, IN
	Chia-Kun Lee, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
	E-mail:  wma@bsu.edu
Creatus Viriditas: Writing Green  /  213
	Phyllis Ballata, English Professor, Century College, MN
	E-mail:   pballata@msn.com
Recommendations of Evidence-Based Strategies  219
	Jessica A. Rueter, Sam Houston State University
	Lloyd Kinnison, Texas Woman’s University
	E-mail:  jrueter@sbcglobal.net

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index  /  226-227

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