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Table of Contents
	Teaching Leadership and Teaching Leaders   /  4
	Respect in the Classroom  /  6

 Inviting Respect for Social Justice  /  8 
	Michele K. Lewis,  Winston Salem State University, North Carolina
	E-mail:   lewismi@wssu.edu
The Changing Nature of Leadership Preparation  /  13 
	Bonnie C. Fusarelli, North Carolina State University
	E-mail:   bonnie_fusarelli@ncsu.edu
The History of the Internet in Academics  /  21
	Udeme T. Ndon, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
	E-mail:   utndon@uwm.edu
Secondary Content Area Professional Development  /  27
	Renee White-Clark, St. Joseph’s College, NY
	Adrienne Andi Sosin, Adelphi University, NY
	E-mail:   rwhite-clark@sjcny.edu
Technical Classes: A Different Breed of Learning   /  32
	Paula San Millan Maurino, Farmingdale State College, NY
	Francine Federman,  Farmingdale State College, NY
	Lorraine Greenwald,  Farmingdale State College, NY
	E-mail:   pmaurino@verizon.net
Preservice language teachers serving to learn  /  37
	Hsiu-Ting Hung, National Kaohsiung First University of Science  & Technology
	E-mail:   hhung@ccms.nkfust.edu.tw
Harry Potter: Teaching Leadership Development  /  45
	Jennifer Williams, University of Georgia
	E-mail:   leaders@uga.edu
The Synergy of Middle School Outreach  /  49
	Barbara Moskal, Colorado School of Mines
	Catherine Skokan, Colorado School of Mines
	Laura Kosbar, Watson Research Center
	Graeme Fairweather, Colorado School of Mines
	E-mail:   bmoskal@mines.edu
Leadership Education as Guided Exploration  /  55
	Carol H. Sawyer, University of La Verne
	Kathleen B. Duncan, University of La Verne
	E-mail:   sawyerc@ulv.edu
Writing to Lead  /  61
	Willow Brown,  University of Northern British Columbia
	E-mail:   brown@unbc.ca
General Biology Using Inquiry for Education Majors   /  67 Abstract
	David T. Crowther, University of Nevada, Reno
	E-mail:   Crowther@unr.edu
Measuring Math Anxiety of Elementary Teachers  /  75 Abstract
	Jim Gleason, The University of Alabama
	E-mail:   jgleason@as.ua.edu
Evaluating a Community Service Learning Project  /  79 Abstract
	Elaine Gunnison, Seattle University
	E-mail:   gunnisone@seattleu.edu
Critical Reflection in Teacher Education  /  87 Abstract
	Katya Karathanos, San Jose State University, CA
	Marina Aminy, San Jose State University, CA
	E-mail:   kkaratha@email.sjsu.edu
Testing Oral Proficiency in an Online Program  /  93
	Masako Hamada, Villanova University, PA
	Yukino Tanaka, Haverford College, PA
	E-mail:   masako.hamada@villanova.edu
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Teaching  /  101
	Hannah Nissen, Ohio University Zanesville 
	Mary Ann Goetz, Ohio University Zanesville
	E-mail:   nissen@ohio.edu
Mentoring to Develop Workplace Leadership Skills  /  106
	Cynthia Sims, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
	E-mail:   csims@siu.edu
Problem-Based Learning for Science Understanding  /  111
	Wendy M. Frazier, George Mason University, VA
	Donna R. Sterling, George Mason University, VA
	E-mail:   wfrazier@gmu.edu
Data’s Quiet Voice: Ethiopian Israelis Speak  /  116
	Deborah Court, School of Education, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
	E-mail:   debcourt@inter.net.il
Are Teachers Really Different?   /  122
	Richard Costner, Spadoni College of Education, Coastal Carolina University
	Austin Hitt, Spadoni College of Education, Coastal Carolina University
	E-mail:   rcostner@coastal.edu
Respect – A Two-way Avenue for Success   /  128
	Gheorghita M. Faitar, D’Youville College, Buffalo, NY.
	E-mail:  mfaitar@yahoo.com
Preparing Principals for Adaptive Challenges   /  133
	Susan J. Korach, University of Denver, CO  
	E-mail:   skorach@du.edu
Unforeseen Consequences of Breach in Education  /  139
	Morgan Milner, 	Eastern Michigan University
	E-mail:   mmilner@emich.edu
Social (In)Justice Properties of Merit-Based Aid  /  145
	Barbara Nicholson, Marshall University, WV
	Darrell Taylor, Marshall University, WV
	Rebecca Calwell, Marshall University, WV
	David Lawson, Marshall University, WV
	E-mail:   bnicholson@marshall.edu
Subject, Self, and Social for Leadership of Place  /  150
	Jennifer L. Snow-Gerono, Boise State University
	Kathleen Budge, Boise State University
	E-mail:   jennifersnow@boisestate.edu
Critical pedagogy for leadership development  /  155
	Diane A. Forbes, Trinity University, Washington, DC
	E-mail:   forbesd@trinitydc.edu
Respect that Transcends the Classroom  /  160
	Pamela L. Raymer, U.S. Army Management Staff College, VA
	E-mail:   Pamela.raymer@us.army.mil
Adding Relevance to School Leadership Preparation  /  165
	Michelle Abrego, Ed.D., University of Texas-Brownsville
	Bobbette Morgan, Ed.D., University of Texas-Brownsville
	Chuey Abrego, Ed.D., University of Texas-Brownsville
	E-mail:   michelle.abrego@utb.edu
The Effectiveness of Online Discussion Boards  /  171
	Eugene W. Gotwalt, Sweet Briar College, VA
	Mellody L. Gotwalt, The R.O.S.E. Center, VA
	E-mail:   egotwalt@sbc.edu
Leadership and Action “Product” Research  /  176
	JoAnn Danelo Barbour, Texas Woman’s University
	E-mail:   jbarbour@twu.edu   
Teaching to Lead Through Problem-Based Learning  /  183
	Christa Boske, University of Houston Clear Lake, Texas
	E-mail:   boskec@uhcl.edu
Word-of-Mouth and Student Perceptions   /  189
	Chad Edwards, Western Michigan University
	Autumn Edwards, Western Michigan University
	Emil Bakke, Western Michigan University
	Carrie Shaver, Western Michigan University
	Natalie Anagnostou, Western Michigan University
	E-mail:   chad.edwards@wmich.edu
Mental Models in Youth Leadership Studies  /  195
	Christian Couturier, National Research Council Canada , New Brunswick, Canada
	Thomas Mengel, University of New Brunswick, Renaissance College, Canada
	E-mail:    christian.couturier@nrc.ca
Changing Science Teachers’ Beliefs  /  200
	M. Kathleen L. Cripe, Youngstown State University, OH
	Sherri Lovelace-Cameron, Youngstown State University, OH
	E-mail:   mlcripe@ysu.edu
Multicultural Education in Literature Units   /  206
	Gwen Traylor, Southeastern Louisiana University
	Leah Sadden, Southeastern Louisiana University
	E-mail:   gtraylor@selu.edu
Teacher Resistance to Declining School Culture  /  212
	Heather Leaman, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
	E-mail:   hleaman@wcupa.edu
A Homework Club for At Risk Middle School Students  /  220  Abstract
	Lourdes M. Rivera, Queens College, CUNY, NY
	Marian C. Fish, Queens College, CUNY, NY
	Malka Ismach, Graduate Center, CUNY, NY
	Mark E. Peterson, Valley Stream Central School District, NY
	Maria Grace Miceli-Pariti, Valley Stream Central School District, NY
	E-mail:   Lourdes.rivera@qc.cuny.edu
Cultural  Competency and  Healthcare  Education   /  227
	Karen M Having, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
	Charla J Lautar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
	E-mail:   khaving@siu.edu
Using a Rubric to Promote Scientific Literacy  /  233 Abstract
	Carrie B. Myers, Montana State University, MT
	Doreen E. Brown, Montana State University, MT
	Adele Pittendrigh, Montana State University, MT
	E-mail:   cbmyers@montana.edu
Teaching Ernest Gaines’s A Lesson Before Dying  /  238
	Durthy A. Washington, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
	E-mail:   Durthy.washington@usafa.edu
Cultural Competency in Nursing Education  /  245
	Mikal Black, Boise State University
	Terri Soelberg, Boise State University
	Pam Springer, Boise State University
	E-mail:   mblack@boisestate.edu
Preschool Teachers’ Perceptions of Technology   /  250
	Cynthia G. Simpson, Sam Houston State University, TX
	Mary Robbins, Sam Houston State University, TX
	Debra P. Price, Sam Houston State University, TX
	Vicky G. Spencer, Sam Houston State University, TX
	John L. Lowdermilk, University of Texas Pan American, TX
	E-mail:   cindysimpson@shsu.edu
Developing Female Engineers’ Leadership Skills  /  255
	Maria Martinez Witte, Auburn University
	Peter Jones, Auburn University 
	Anthony J. Guarino, Auburn University
	Shu-Ching Wang, Johns Hopkins University
	Robin Taylor, Auburn University 
	E-mail:   wittemm@auburn.edu
Dilemmas of Assessing Leadership Learning  /  261
	Sarah V. Mackenzie,  University of Maine
	Gordon A. Donaldson, Jr.,  University of Maine
	Richard H. Ackerman, University of Maine
	E-mail:   smackenz@gwi.net
A Student Remembers –Perceptions 30 years later  /  268
	Linda Greef Mullen, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia
	Katherine B. Frazier, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia
	E-mail:   lgmullen@georgiassouthern.edu   
Computer-Based Concept Mapping: A Review  /  274
	Richard T. Boon, The University of Georgia
	Cecil Fore III, The University of Georgia
	Tracy Blankenship, The University of Georgia
	Jessica Palmer, The University of Georgia
	E-mail:   rboon@uga.edu
School Reform – A Team Effort  /  281
	Anthony J. Lease, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Daphne Smith, Chattanooga State Technical Community College
	E-mail:   Tony-Lease@utc.edu

Keyword Subject Index  /  286-287

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