opportunity to volunteer -- SIB Book Editor (BE) (select 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Sound Instruction Books (SIB) offer 4 different types of publications:
    1. Thematic compilation of articles from Academic Exchange Quarterly
    2. Proceedings, papers presented in a conference or workshop:
              local, state, national, and international levels.  
    3. Collection of reports and evaluations of
              (a) university-wide panel discussion program(s)
              (b) graduate course(s) offered by a university for five or more years
    4. Festschrift or Gedenkschrift publication
  • SIB publishes 3-5 volumes a year in a variety of formats, e.g. volumes I and II and III and V
  • It takes at least 7-18 months to produce one
  • SIB publication consists of five benchmarks
    For Proceedings, Collection or Festschrift, the first two benchmarks of the listed five are void
    1. BE describes subject of the proposed SIB volume
      • see 100+ call-for-papers (CFP) samples and submission requirements
      • write FOCUS, 150 - 300 words
      • identify one KEYWORD
      • seek approval from RIG publisher
    2. BE distributes approved CFP to association, college, organization and society websites
      • note, from AEQ past experience, in order to publish 20 (twenty) articles
        AEQ needs to receive at least 60 (sixty) submissions
      • this means CFP, after initial round, may need to be reposted
        again and again in 2-3 months intervals
      • see submission and publication timeline
      • received submissions are reviewed by AEQ staff
      • accepted articles are published first in AEQ  
      • AEQ issue Editorial may include promotion for BE’s upcoming volume
      • usually one year later, AEQ asks authors to update articles for SIB publication
    3. SIB reviews and recommends submissions for predetermined volume,
      assigns ISBN number
    4. BE approves at least 10-20 articles (or a collection of reports and evaluations).
    5. BE writes Preface, 300- 1500 words,
      volume is published after RIG’s acceptance
  • Please note:
    • of the 20 approved articles at least 15 must come directly from CFP
    • such counting requires BE to secure at least 3 - 5 submissions a month
    • aforesaid benchmarking assures positive progress in volume production…..
      The above three entries do not apply to Proceedings, Collection or Festschrift
      Failure to meet benchmarks may force termination of the project.
    • SIB Book Editor activity can be done by one professor or one associate professor
    • considering that most academic books today consist of multiple editors >2 or more,
      BE may invite associates to form the editorial team
  • To apply: email your name along with academic affiliation to
    Expect response in 3-7 days.
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