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Six simple submission steps

When your answer is YES to all six steps & you meet EARLY submission deadline, we
guarantee to review your article in 6-9 weeks.   Otherwise, expect review in 2-4 months.
  1. My submission is identified by a keyword listed under Calls for Papers
  2. When authors hold copyright, AEQ welcomes papers
    • derived from doctoral study, practicum or a larger underwritten research.
    • presented at a conference, symposium, or workshop
    • resulted from project, research conducted under a grant or fellowship
    I understand there are differences in aims, results, conclusions, and format
    between said writing and academic articles in AEQ.    I made appropriate changes.
  3. Paper's length (abstract, text, references) is 2000 - 3000 words; and adheres to the
    sample manuscript layout.   There are no mathematical symbols or foreign script .
  4. Submission is a clean copy - free of metadata, hidden text, and header/footer
  5. Submission is made by e-mail
    as an attachment in MS Word DOC or DOCX file, size less than 100 KB,
  6. In order to receive reviews, I must sign and return by postal mail or e-mail
    Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement.
     If not all YES, go to Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
We may disregard received submission when author’s name and
verifiable academic affiliation (full postal address) are missing from the email
AND/OR when you fail to observe all “Six simple submission steps”

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