Twenty options, in no particular order,
on how to promote your theme and Academic Exchange Quarterly...
  • Use one option or several.
  • Change at will to suit the need or occasion.
01. word-of-mouth: talk with your school colleagues; to view results of your effort, 
	read School Index for how many articles were published by your colleagues.   
02. forward  a note or news release to college official like President, 
	Vice-Presidents, Provost, Dean, Department Head
03. target local institutions as well as the large universities in your state.  
	This is usually in the form of an invitation to both faculty and 
	graduate students to submit manuscripts, e.g., I have targeted 
	special ed faculty for that themed issue.  I went to the online grant 
	awards or outstanding online sites list at universities to get a list 
	of names for the issue looking at online learning connections.
04. print out clear file folder labels with your AEQ promo link and stick 
	them on the back of your business cards that  you'll be handing out 
	at the conference
05. mention your theme or AEQ while sending a letter to the editor/author expressing 
	your view on a subject you read in your favorite journal other than AEQ
06. place a copy of AEQ on your desk for colleagues to see
07. expect referrals by other editors or article authors and journal readers 
08. post on department billboard, announcement board 
09. mail announcement to college paper or association newsletter
10. leave leaflets in your library or faculty lounge
11. attend and provide information sheets about AEQ at both local and  national 
	conferences, e.g., many groups I belong to now have a "share table" 
	which allows participants to share ideas or handout materials.  I keep 
	an eye on my goodies and I am usually pleased that they are taken within 
	three or four hours.
12. ask your school bookstore to carry AEQ. See "bookstore rate" 
13. recommend your library subscription to  Academic Exchange Quarterly
14. give gift subscription

15. provide a link from your web to AEQ 
16. add the AEQ link to  your e-mail autosignature, example 
17. use e-mail to send out call for papers, CFP, 
    to multiple E-Mail Discussion Lists and/or Listservs
	a. send out CFP for your theme; see example #1 Health 
	   or #2 Information Literacy 
	   or #3 Teaching and Learning on the Web
	b. send out CFP, that incorporate Editors' Choice articles 
	   and bring interested potential submitters/authors to your theme page; 
	   CFP smilar to the one above 
18. take advantage of search engines, many have an electronic form for you 
	to indicate the address, URL, of your favorite web site; 
19. find educational sites, approach the owners of the sites and ask them 
	to display a hypertext listing to AEQ - a reciprocal deal 
20. utilize Internet, Intranet, Usenet*
	- while topic is discussed, listserve or newsgroup, refer members 
	  to a specific similar article in AEQ for additional information 
	- post "call for papers" 

* What is Usenet?
	Usenet is not synonymous with Internet. Usenet started out in 1980 
	and was largely confined to educational institutions such as 
	universities and colleges, and to research companies and other
	commercial enterprises with UNIX machines on-site. 

	Usenet is the system of online discussion groups, called newsgroups, 
	e.g. humanities, sci, soc etc... Each newsgroup has a specific set of
	subjects it is intended to cover. 

	Due to the decentralized nature of Usenet, there is no one person or 
	body which can "enforce"  what is being posted. It falls on each
	user to help preserve the culture of open discussion and free speech 
	that Usenet has come to embody... 

Comments or additional ideas, e-mail to:

January 2005