additional pointers

Things to consider:
    1. Check out what fellow editors have done, especially on the theme 
       issues related to the subject field.
    2. Google the subject and Listserv.
    3. Study the resource pages that come up on the search (some are 
       and some aren't lists).
    4. Write up a list of lists.
    5. Sub to the lists and post the announcement.
    6. KEEP TRACK.
    7. Also, tell your university's PR, tell every list and association 
       you're already in, and add it to your sig file.

Call For Papers, CFP:
    1. Write an "exciting banality" that's so all-encompassing that 
       everyone can say Wow, yeah.
    2. Work in every possible keyword you can think of in terms of 
       subject areas.
    3. Add every possible treatment.
    4. Mention every possible author and audience member.
    5. Smile.
    6. Write up a brief announcement that points people to the CFP page 
       once it's approved and posted.

Avoid spam as in this example:
	One of our editors, who has been doing a fine job of
	sending out CFPs, was recently rebuffed by a listowner
	for sending out "spam."  This editor sent me the following
	excellent question:

	"I have some serious questions borne out of my frustration with this 
	system. What is the problem with  sending a CFP in one e-mail to several 
	listserves at once? I gather from the posting that the real problem 
	isn't that it's an attachment (and I learned after my first attempt not 
	to do that, believe me), but more that it's considered spam because it 
	is sent out to several lists at once. If THAT is the problem, then how 
	on earth is this to be done?  Paste text to one list at a time?"

	As logical as it may seem to send out one CFP to many listservs
	in one large message or in an attachment, such a posting will
	be perceived as spamming by the listowners.

	The answer to the question above is "Yes, one must paste text to one
	list at a time."

	I belong to about  ten listservs.  I do not receive messages from
	all of them, preferring instead to receive messages from them in digest
	form or not at all.  But I am subscribed so that I can send CFPs
	to them.

	Moreover, I do not send CFPs to all of them at the same time but
	instead stagger the listservs, sending CFPs to a few each week and
	keeping track of which ones I posted to...