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Fall 2002     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 6, Issue 3

Articles on various topics plus Teaching on the Frontiers of Health Care
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Using Instructional Simulation in the Computing Curriculum  /   2185-2l
	Thad Crews, Ph.D., Western Kentucky University
Effects of Traditional versus Tactual/Kinesthetic Instruction on 
	Junior High School Learning-Disabled Students  /  2179-2j
	Diane Mitchell, Clarkstown High School South, NY
	Rita Dunn, St. John’s University, NY
	Angela Klavas,  St. John’s University, NY
	Vivian Lynch, St. John’s University, NY
	Nancy Montgomery, St. John’s University, NY
	John Murray,   St. John’s University, NY
Factors Related to Success and Satisfaction in Online Learning  /  2170-2j
	Patricia A. Beffa-Negrini, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
	Brian Miller,  University of Delaware 
	Nancy L. Cohen, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Clinical Research Training in CAM for Minorities at an HBCU  /  2158-2j
	Emmanuel A. Taylor,  Morgan State University, MD 
	Lanardo Moody,  Morgan State University, MD 
	David Levine,  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine , MD
	Gail Geller,  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine , MD
	Robert Duggan, TAI-SOPHIA Institute, MD
Use of literature in teaching psychopathology  /  2157-2j
	Elias Mpofu, The Pennsylvania State University
	Sonja Feist-Price, University of Kentucky
The Use of Telemedicine in Correctional Facilities  /  2156-2j
	Sonja Feist-Price, University of Kentucky , KY
	Neena Khanna, Pennsylvania State University, PA
	Elias Mpofu, University of Kentucky , KY
	Lynda Brown Wright, University of Kentucky , KY
The Use of Telerehabilitation in Assistive Technology  /  2154-2j
	Neena Khanna, University of Kentucky, KY
	Sonja Feist-Price,  University of Kentucky, KY
Impact of a Computer-based Case Study on Outbreak Investigation Skills  /  2149-2jA  2149-2jB 
	Jeanette Stehr-Green, Public Health Practice Program Office, 
	Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
	Nancy Gathany, Public Health Practice Program Office, 
	Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Introducing Telemedicine within a Health Informatics Curriculum  /  2143-2j
	George Demiris, University of Missouri-Columbia
(Re-) Capturing the Novel  /  2139-2w
	Lewis Kamm, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Web-enhanced Pharmacology for Nursing Students  /  2138-2w
	Christina Quinn, Georgia State University, GA
A Teaching Note on Service-Learning through Applied Community Research  /  2133-pm
	B.C. Ben Park, Pennsylvania State University at DuBois
Service Learning:  Beyond the Classroom  /  2131-2j
	Maria T. Luskay,  Pace University, NY
Building a Journalism Course on Learning Theory  /  2130-2j
	Wanda Brandon, Southwest Missouri State University
Collaborative Efforts in the Scholarship of Teaching  /  2129-2j
	Wendy M. Smith-D’Arezzo, University of Wyoming at Casper
Tenure and Promotion and the Scholarship of Teaching: 
	Two Conversations or One?  /  2127-2j
	William G. Berube, University of Wyoming
	Suzanne Young, University of Wyoming
Dialectical Notebooks: A Cognitive Approach  /  2124-2j 
	Robert J. Affeldt, University of New Mexico
The Effect of the Use of Games in the Basic Speech Course  /  2122-2j
	Lisa M. Schroeder, Kent State University, OH
Community Service Learning as a Model Approach in Active 
	Teaching and Learning  /  2119-2j
	Jesse N. Valdez,  University of Denver, CO
	Theresa A. Salazar,  University of Denver, CO
Teaching More Than You Know  /  2118-2j
	Lawrence E. Zeff, University of Detroit Mercy, MI
	Mary A. Higby, University of Detroit Mercy, MI
An ICT-based Borderless Combination of Alternative and Augmentative 
	Communication Systems  /  2112-2j 
	Juan-Miguel León-Rojas, University of Extremadura , Spain 
	Valentín Masero Vargas, University of Extremadura , Spain                   
	María Montaña Morales Morgado, Universidad Laboral, Spain
Changes in Teacher  Candidates’ Beliefs About Education  /  2096-2l
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Howard University, Washington, DC
	Ann E. Witcher, University of Central Arkansas 
	Terry L. James, University of Central Arkansas
	Lynn C. Minor, Valdosta State University, GA
Integrating ICT in Higher Education: The Case of ITESM  /  2057-1w
	Martha Burkle,  University of Sussex, UK
	Yusuf Sayed,  University of Sussex, UK
Using personality type in the business communication classroom  /  1082-2l  
	William Mcpherson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
The Accuracy of Self-Efficacy:  A Comparison of High School 
	and College Students  /  1070-1la 1070-1lb 1070-1lc
	L. Brent Igo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
	Michael D. Toland, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
	Terri Flowerday, University of New Mexico
	Samuel Y. Song, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
	Kenneth A. Kiewra, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Collaborative Speech-Language Services in Urban Schools  /  1058-1w
	Monica Gordon Pershey, Cleveland State University, OH
	Candace I. Rapking,  Cincinnati Public Schools, OH
Doctoral Student Perceptions of Learning to be Reflective Practitioners  /  1052-1l
	Kathleen B. Corcoran,  Mosaics Integrated Health, OH
	Sharon D. Kruse,  University of Akron, OH
	John J. Zarski,  University of Akron, OH
Voices from Schools: Listening to Australian Students in Transition  /  1049-1l
	David Williams, University of South Australia
	Peter Boman , James Cook University , Australia
African American Male Students’ Perception of a Mathematics Learning Environment  /  2144-2j
	Joy Moore, University of Cincinnati, OH
Using Service-Learning to Develop Collaboration Skills  / 2128-2j
	Frank Maling Bosworth III, Louisiana State University 
	Marsha Ruth Cuddeback, Louisiana State University 
Interbeing Among Teachers and Students  / 2188-2l
	Scott A. Chadwick, Iowa State University
Journeying Out: Conceptual Mapping and Writing Process  / 2174-pm
	Beth Brunk-Chavez, The University of Texas at El Paso					
	Janette Martin, James Madison University, VA
Teaching Mindfully:
Heroism and Tragedy, Healing and Bereavement in the Student-Teacher Relationship
	Heather Ann Ackley Bean, Azusa Pacific University, CA

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