Sold out     Published in 2002 - 1st printing & 2003 - 2nd printing
Sound Instruction
Ready to Use Classroom Practice
Volume I
Linda Serra Hagedorn, Ph.D. Editor

ISBN 0-9709895-0-4
Editors  /  ix
Preface    /xiii

Internet Based Education 
	Assessing Distance Learning and Teaching  /  2
Diverse Spaces: Reflection and Dialogue Online /  8
Who's Talking, Listening, and Learning Now?  /  13
Keep Your Eyes Off the Screen  /  19
University Students Mentor Young Writers via E?mail  /  23
Implementing an Online Course  /  26
Teaching the Computer Literacy Course to a Disparate Group of Students  /  30
Student Perspectives on Integrating the Internet in Course Content 
	and Delivery in Higher Education  /  33
Using HyperNews to Facilitate Student Learning  /  39

Teaching with Technology  
Journal of the Plague Semester  /  48
Memoir, Technology, and Research: Public Spaces  for Students 
	and Senior Citizens in Service Learning  /  51
The FishNet Project: Building Community with Technology  /  58
Professors' Usage of Computer Mediated Technology  /  64
Teaching Mathematics on Television: Perks and Pitfalls  /67
Community College Student Satisfaction with 
	the Online and Teleclass Experience  /  71
Technology and Vocabulary Development in the Schools  /  75
Myths of Interactive Television  Distance Learning  /  79
Factors Influencing Student Satisfaction  with Online Courses   /  82

Community Colleges 
Why Am I Here?  Student Reflections on Community College Education  /  88
Building Study Skills In A College Mathematics Classroom  /  93
Service-learning  Brings New Dimension to Courses at MiraCosta  /  99
Spending the Summer at a California Community College  /  101
The Puente Project: Socializing and Mentoring  Latino 
	Community College Students  /  106
Not So Black and White:  Finding Diversity Where We Least Expect It  /  112
Community Liberation via  the First Two Years' Curriculum  /  119
Community College Students  Should Never be Treated Like Junk!  /  126
African?American and Latino Conceptualizations 
	of the Role and Value of Community Colleges  /  131

Often Overlooked Strategies and Resources
Using Poetry in Teaching Writing  /  138
Problem-Based Service-Learning  /  142
Thinking Skills to Creatively Enhance Information Competence  /  148
Goals and Methods for Teaching a Service Learning Course 
	in Religious Studies  /  154
Film as a Medium for Analysis in a Graduate Psychology Course  /  158
Its and It's and other Errors in Student Writing: 
	A Confrontational Approach  /  165
Critical Thinking in the Introductory Sociology Classroom   /  172
Beyond the Studio: Service Learning in Dance  /  177
Adjunct Faculty: A Closer Look at an Overlooked Resource  /  180

Teacher  Education  
Facing Our Inner Fears: 
Musings on The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer  /  184
Cognitive Theory and its Implications for Education 
	and Training   /  187
Faculty Collaboration:  Key to a Successful Academic Program  /  193
Service?Learning as the Meeting Place for Ethics and Pedagogy  /  200
The College Curriculum Library: Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers  /  207
Beyond Serendipity: 
	Finding Quality Academic Resources on the Internet  /  209
Providing a Safety Net for New Teachers: 
	University-School District Collaboration  /  211
Professional Development Needs Assessment   /  218
The Art and Science of Avoiding the Dissertation  /  225

Service Learning  
Some Reflections on Service?Learning and the Heritages of Liberal Arts Higher
	Education  /  230
	David Hendricksen, Tusculum College, TH
Importance of Public Relations Planning  to Service-Learning Success  /  233
	Maureen Shubow Rubin, California State University, Northridge
Service?Learning: Principles, Procedures, and Practices 
	for Teacher Preparation Programs  /  242
	Dwight C. Watson, Hamline University, MN
Teaching Research with Service?Learning  /  249
	Kathy O'Byrne, California State University at Fullerton
Saving the World (But Without Doing Politics): 
	The Strange Schizophrenia of the Service-Learning Movement  /  254
	Tony Robinson, University of Colorado at Denver
Reflections of a Practitioner: Service Adds Depth 
	to the Learning Experience for Both Student and Teacher  /  260
	Bonnie Winfield, SUNY at Binghamton
Toward a Critical Service-Learning Pedagogy: 
	A Freirean Approach to Civic Literacy  /  262
	Eric Daigre, University of Minnesota
Faculty Success and Satisfaction in Service?Learning  /  269
	Peter Konverski, The George Washington University
	Honey Nashman,  The George Washington University
	Deborah Ismond,   The George Washington University
	Amiko  Matsumoto,   The George Washington University
College Student Affection Issues in Child  and Family Focused
	Community Service Learning Settings  /  278
	Michelle R. Dunlap, Connecticut College
	Brian Coughlin,  Connecticut College

Learning Styles  and Student Motivation 
Learning Style Preferences Relating to Adult Students  /  286
Creating a Student?Centered Environment: Using Personality Type 
	and Learning Style in Business Communication Courses  /  291
Paralleling the Experiences of First Year Professors and Freshmen  /  298
Critical Thinking, Scientific Thinking,  and Everyday Thinking: 
	Metacognition about Cognition  /   305
Mathematics: Keystone to Student Learning   /  312
Key Factors in Adolescent Distributed  /  317      
In Search of Microbiological Literacy   /  324
Learning Styles and the First Few Days in the Composition Classroom  /  326
Classroom Communities: Successful Learning Design 
	or Path To Chaos?  /  328

Author and Title  /   337