Teaching Leadership
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The need to prepare and/or develop leaders is a 21st century global concern. Many courses, programs, curricula, and workshops are created to teach young college students, adults, and practitioners how to lead. The purpose of this special issue is to provide a forum to share the knowledge and pedagogy (theory and practice) used to teach others the theories and practices of leading and leadership. In so doing, authors are encouraged to address any or a combination of the following:
  • What is the role of instructor or professor in developing leaders and shaping the practice of leadership?
  • What theoretical constructs are taught to future and developing leaders? How are those theoretical concepts taught?
  • What pedagogical theories and practices are used to teach others to lead? What sorts of pedagogical theories ought to drive our teaching and why?
  • How are theories and practices of leading and leadership linked? How do instructors relate leadership theory to practice in their lessons and assignments?
  • What are the questions we should be asking and the expectations we should have of future leaders from a modern perspective, post-modern perspective, critical perspective, from constructivist or deconstructivist perspectives, for example?
  • What sorts of activities or exercises are used in the classroom or over the Internet to develop leaders, and from what theoretical pedagogical grounding? How are these activities, projects or exercises evaluated?
  • What are the questions teachers of leaders should be asking of their work and scholarship?
  • What are cross cultural similarities and differences in teaching others to lead from various disciplines? What can we learn from each other about teaching to lead?
  • How is and what is “teaching leading” pedagogy from historical, literary, business, anthropological, educational, or, for example, biological perspectives?

Who May Submit:
The purpose of this feature is to provide a forum for scholars, professors, and staff developers from various disciplines to share the knowledge and pedagogy (theory and practice) used to teach others the theories and practices of leading and leadership. Authors are encouraged to submit any or a combination of the following: thought pieces grounded in scholarship; explication of learning activities grounded in leadership theory and pedagogical theory; two authors taking different sides of a particular pedagogical argument related to leading and leadership development; examples of student work and its relation to pedagogical and leadership theory; leadership/leading curricula and its relationship to theory and practice; teaching and the building of teams; leading as a teammate, shared leadership, partner-leadership. The above are general suggestions; thoughtful, articulate scholarship is encouraged that expands the knowledge base of how we teach and develop leaders for 21st century positions of leadership. Please identify your submission with keyword: LEADERSHIP-3

Submission deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
See Regular and Short submission deadline.
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