Academic Exchange Quarterly
Fall 2015, Volume 19, Issue 3
Expanded issue up to 400+ pages.
Articles on various topics plus the following special sections.
Approaches to Language
Feature Editor
Dr. Kristi Hislope, Associate Professor of Spanish
University of North Georgia
This special issue will focus on practical and theoretical approaches to language. Areas of particular interest include:
  • Second-language acquisition
  • Pedagogy and classroom research
  • Applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics, pragmatics, lexical studies
  • Language for specific purposes (LSP), language for science and technology (LST)
  • Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)
  • Teacher development, language policy and planning, course and syllabus design
  • Composition, rhetoric, translation.
Submissions must be written in English but may address any language. We will consider theoretical papers, research reports and case studies. We are particularly interested in increasing submissions in pedagogy (e.g., tried and true recipes for success in the classroom, theoretical and practical overviews of classroom activities, discussions of methodologies for language-learning today, etc.). Submissions are welcome in all areas of language teaching and research, from the Classics, to English, and foreign languages. Identify your submission with keyword: LANGUAGE-4

Who May Submit:
Educators and researchers from all fields related to language are invited to submit manuscripts.

Submission deadline:
Any time until the end of May 2015; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

Submission Procedure:

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