Academic Exchange Quarterly   ISSN 1096-1453   Volume 24, Issue 3   Fall 2020

                                  COVID-19 Unplanned Problems

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After summer and several weeks into 2020-21 school year, faculty and students remain to be challenged
by COVID-19 related problems. All realize teaching and learning are becoming different from the traditional
one in previous years.

Faculty, typically thrown into remote work without proper training, frequently do not understand overhyped
digital technology such as virtual lesson plans, grading software or online assessments. For vast majority
of students, online education is a big barrier to academic success. Especially when there is no fast internet
connection, a quiet place to study, a stable home environment.

Moreover digital technology, today’s version, cannot replace a teacher who acts as a guide, a mentor and
an inspiration for students. Such multifaceted responsibility cannot be replaced by technology of any kind.
Not to mention, virtual education is not a match to school’s role - illustrated in Ten Bridges between School
and Community
Edward G. Olsen School And Community. The Philosophy, Procedures, and Problems of
Community Study and Service through Schools and Colleges, Prentice-Hall, New York, 1945.

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