Academic Exchange Quarterly     ISSN 1096-1453    Volume 23, Issue 3    Fall 2019

Welcome to the Fall 2019 edition of Academic Exchange Quarterly
Upholding the common good of readers, authors, editor and publisher.

Academic Exchange Quarterly, AEQ, in
its 20+ years of publishing has evolved
number of times due to readers needs:
(1) from a community college regional
       publication in late 1990s
(2) next to national print edition
(3) then international print edition
       with parts in OA, open access:
(4) afterwards quarterly added yearly
       number of supplements:
       SIB- Sound Instruction Books
           15 volumes
       WAAE Writing American Academic
           English Workbook
       RIG-BEEM-W - this Workbook
           was just made available

In fact now AEQ has become a portal
of teaching and learning...

We at AEQ hope to maintain meeting your
expectations and encourage all and every
reader and author to continue supporting
a quarterly created 20+ years ago

We also hope to find a new owner for AEQ
because those that applied would/could
not meet your and our expectations

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