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  1. 5854-7z+4356-9l Case Study Approach to Statistics
            Ayesha Delpish, Elon University, NC
  2. 5850-8w 5173-2j Engaging Students: Strategies for Digital Natives
            Katherine J. Janzen, Mount Royal University, et al...
  3. 5818-v15+4562-0l L2 Micro-skill Proficiency and ELL Reading
          Gail August, Hostos Community College, City University of New York
  4. 5812 -v14 4867-1l STEM, Video Game Play, & Gender = Personalization
          Wendi M. Kappers, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FL
  5. 5809-v14+ 4139-8j Extended clinical practices that improve teachers’ efficacy
          Larry P. Nelson, University of Texas at Arlington
          Kathleen Tice, University of Texas at Arlington
  6. 5805-v14 4269-9w Problem-based Inquiry in College Chemistry Lab
            Michael A. Panichas, Boston College, MA
              Lynne A. O'Connell, Boston College, MA
              Lillie R. Albert, Boston College, MA
  7. 5802-v14 5204-2z Online Graduate Student Debate
          Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University
  8. 5800-v14 5144-2j Pilot Study of Reactions to an Educational Game
          Jacki Fitzpatrick, Texas Tech University, TX
           Erin Kostina-Ritchey, Texas Tech University, TX
  9. 5798-v15 5246-2v Developing Well-Prepared, Collaborative Teachers in the Rural Teacher Residency Program
          Rebecca Fawns-Justeson, California State University, Chico
  10. 5786-v13 5253-3v Do Early Childhood Educators Understand Spatial Skills?
           Nicole Andrews, University of Houston, TX
            Adam G. Akerson, Stephen F. Austin State University, TX
  11. 5782-v13 4076-8j Valuing Math Applications: The Role of Context
            Susan Staats, University of Minnesota, MN
  12. 5781-v14+2982-5j International health service learning models
          Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia
  13. 5765-v13 +4722-1w Investigating Changes in Science Perceptions
            Sarah Bargmann, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
              Cherie A. McCollough, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
  14. 5764-v13 +5612-v7+4581-0l Education Reform: Caring Matters
            Cherie A. McCollough, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
  15. 5760-v14 4718-0z Enhancing Online Learning Through Feedback
            Anita Miller, Dominican University, IL
             Doug Lia, Chicago State University, IL
  16. 5752-v14 +5650-v9+4918-1z Adult Use of Clickers & Personal Response Systems
            Deborah K. Anderson, Midwestern University, Downers Grove, IL
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    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
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