Service-Learning, Part I

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   CONSIDERED   --   lists not in a numerical order   
4370-9j revised 10 -- MOabe 1B075----j SERVICE LANGUAGE-3 Learning for and with others in Service-Learning 
4167-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B907----z SERVICE BUSINESS Partnering with Nonprofits in Marketing Education 
4156-8z revised 10 -- abe 2B836---jz SERVICE ASSESSMENT Measuring the phenomenology of service learning 
4151-8j revised 10 -- abe 3B840----j SERVICE HEALTH-2 Successful Service-Learning Features: Case Study 
4146-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B828----j SERVICE ONLINE Service Learning in Hybrid Online Courses 
4141-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B831----j SERVICE ASSESSMENT Shaping Service-Learning Evaluation 
4140-8j revised 10 -- abe 2B827----j SERVICE LANGUAGE-1 Refocusing second language education 
4134-8j revised 10 11 abe 4B825----j SERVICE HEALTH Reflections on Public Health and Service-Learning 
4127-8j revised 10 1- abe 4B813----j SERVICE ASSESSMENT Uncovering Attitudes Toward High Poverty Schools 
4122-8j revised 10 -- abp 1B815----j SERVICE PSYCHOLOGY Building Community through Service Learning 
4117-8j revised 10 -- abp 2B789----j SERVICE HEALTH-2 Service Learning in Nutrition Education 
4103-8j revised 10 3- abe 1B746----j SERVICE SCIENCE An Air Quality TPSL Module for General Chemistry 
4075-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B753----j SERVICE ASSESSMENT Beyond the Classroom:Diversity & Service Learning 

5198-3v revised 11 -- FLabe 2B-740---v SERVICE LANGUAGE Academic Service-Learning: On and off campus 
5103-2l revised 10 -- MAabe 1B-652--jl SERVICE* STUDENT Transforming Students through Service Abroad 
4904-1j revised 10 -- IDabp 1B-528---j SERVICE LAW Legal Issues in Service Learning 
4903-1j revised 10 -- CAabe 2B-515---j SERVICE CASE Community Impacts of Service-Learning 
4881-1j revised 10 4- LAabp 3B-534---j SERVICE HEALTH BSN Students' Perceptions of Service Learning 
4671-0j revised 11 -- MNabe 4B-341---j SERVICE TEACH Toward Multicultural Community Engagement 
4633-0j revised 10 -- FLabe 1B-300---j SERVICE LEADERSHIP Educating Future Leaders through Service-Learning 
4512-0w revised 10 -- LAabp 1B-221---w SERVICE GENDER Leveraging Service-Learning: A Case Study 
4400-9j revised 10 2- RIabe 5B-134-jzw SERVICE HEALTH-5 Lessons from an Introductory Public Health Course 
4435-9j revised 10 -- CAabe 1B-090---j SERVICE CURRICULUM Building Partnership Reciprocity: Lessons Learned 
4419-9j revised 11 -2 PAabe 2B-099---j SERVICE COLLABORATION Geographic Information System in Service Learning 
4412-9j revised 10 -- NJabe 4B-111---j SERVICE HEALTH-4 Experiential Learning through Service 
4408-9j revised 11 1- CAabe 4B-084---j SERVICE MID&SEC Teacher Preparation and Engaged Professionalism 
4405-9j revised 10 -- TXabe 1B-------j SERVICE LANGUAGE Community Service Learning Impact 
Inclusion criteria for Sound Instruction books
    The primary criteria for selection are
  • topic relevance: Service Learning
  • anticipated level of interest and impact e.g., more than one of the following:
    • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
    • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
    • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
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