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   CONSIDERED   --   listing not in a numerical order   
  1. 5500-4j revised 10 - - 2 ARabe 2B - - 920 - - - j DISTANCE-3* ONLINE Faculty Training for Online Teaching
  2. 5471-4l revised 10 - 2 - OHabp 2B - - 911 - - j l ONLINE* WEB Student Learning and Discussion Board Forums
  3. 5458-4l revised 10 - - - INabe 2B - - 894 - - - z HOW-TO ONLINE How to Succeed with Asynchronous Online Delivery
  4. 5453-4l revised 11 - - - TXabe 1B - - 897 - - l ELEARNING* ONLINE Bridges over Transactional Waters
  5. 5347-3j revised 11 - - - FCabe 1B - 802- - - - j HOW-TO ONLINE Effective Online Search and Evaluation Strategies
  6. 5326-3j revised 10 --- INabe 2B - - - - - - - - - j HOW-TO ONLINE The Use of Wikis in Online Education
  7. 5291-3v revised 10 --- TXabe 1B-------v ONLINE-7 KNOWLEDGE Epistemology and Motivation in Online Discussion
  8. 5284-3v revised 10 --2 TXabe 4B-772--lv ONLINE-7 COI Fostering Presence in Online Discussions
  9. 5204-2z revised 10 -- OKabe 1B------vz ONLINE-7 SCHOLAR Examining Online Debate and Discussion
  10. 5174-2j revised 10 -- GAabe 2B-700---j ONLINE BUSINESS Online Opportunities for Business Courses
  11. 5147-2j revised 10 -- INabe 3B-686--zj ONLINE WEB Multimedia Lessons and Feedback in Online Courses
  12. 5144-2j revised 10 -- TXabe 2B-728--vj ONLINE OGS An Epidemic Simulation in a Public Policy Course
  13. 5141-2j revised 10 -- NCabp 1B-724--zj ONLINE SERVICE Field Experience in Online Education Courses
  14. 4756-0z revised 10 -- NCabe 1B-402---z ONLINE SCHOLAR Best Practices in Transformative Online Learning
  15. 4647-0z revised 11 -- OHabp 1B-362--wz ONLINE WRITING Writing in the Ether: Moving Composition Online
  16. 4597-0z revised 11 4- TXabe 1B-310--jz ONLINEASSESSMENT-1 Online Learners, Choices, and Assignments
  17. 4573-0l revised 10 -- CTabe 1B-259---l SCHOLAR-2 ONLINE Online Multiple-Choice Quizzes in the Humanities
  18. 4502-9z revised 10 -- MAabe 3B-149---z ONLINE STUDENT-1 Perceptions of Audio Material in On-Line Courses
  19. 4494-9z revised 10 -- NVabe 1B------wz ONLINE TECHNOLOGY-1 Encouraging Talking to Learn in Distance Learning
  20. 4488-9z revised 10 -3 OKabe 5B-168---z ONLINE STUDENT-2 Goal Structure, Emotion, and Course Satisfaction
  21. 4484-9z revised 10 -- LAabe 2B-------w ONLINE SCHOLAR Twitter as an extension of the classroom
  22. 4473-9z revised 10 3- ARabe 2B-182--wz ONLINE SCHOLAR Online Learning Community: Ownership/Foreclosure
  23. 4462-9z revised 11 -- FLabe 2B-162---z ONLINE SCHOLAR The Use of Blogs as a Knowledge Management Tool
4234-8z revised 10 2- ILabp 1B-060--lj ONLINE CRITICAL Achieving Learner Autonomy Using the Internet 
4243-8z revised 10 -- abp 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING The Benefits and Uses of Online Discussion Forums 
4237-8z revised 11 -- abe 2B897----z ONLINE ART Student Use and Evaluation of an Eduphlog 
4217-8z revised 10 -- abe 1B891----z ONLINE METHODOLOGY A Web Enhanced Course with Attendance Options 
4190-8z revised 11 1- abp 1B902----z ONLINE WRITING Perception, Production and Online Writing Courses 
4182-8z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE SCHOLARSHIP A Learner-Centered Online Course Design 
4174-8z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ACTION Online Book Clubs as an Instructional Tool 
3921-7z revised 10 -- abe 2B590----z ONLINE WRITING Virtual Citizens: Online Service Learning 
3879-7z revised 10 -- abe 1B558----z ONLINE STUDENT Online Strategies for Military Cadets 
3849-7z revised 10 -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE STUDENT Distance Learning: College Students Perspectives 
3834-7z revised 10 6- abe 2-555----z ONLINE ASSESSMENT Embedded Curriculum Plans in Online Courses 
3809-7z revised 10 -- abe 1--------z ONLINE MULTIMEDIA Using Blackboard to Augment Classroom Teaching 
3752-7z revised 10 -- abe 4B365----z ONLINE TECHNOLOGY Practical guide for facilitating online courses 

Inclusion criteria for Sound Instruction books
    The primary criteria for selection are
  • topic relevance: Online Learning; Learning and Teaching on the Web
  • anticipated level of interest and impact e.g., more than one of the following:
    • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
    • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
    • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
  • The above examples, in no particular order, are from AEQ reviewers' recommendations.
  • Thank you for considering Sound Instruction books for your professional needs.
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