How-tos for Teaching and Learning, Part I
     Volume 11 - ISBN 0-9709895-1-11

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  P   U   B   L   I   S   H   E   D  
Pec, S. S. (Ed.). ( 2016). Twenty How-tos for Teaching and Learning. SIB Volume 11.
Stuyvesant Falls, NY: Rapid Intellect Group.

    20 ARTICLES,     42 AUTHORS     133 PAGES

Acknowledgements  /  iii
Foreword  /  v

The Art of Excellent College Teaching   /  1
            Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University 
Promoting Effective Teaching   /  8
	Samuel Cotton, Ball Statue University
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University
	Erica Brewer, Ball State University
Teaching Future Leaders Reward Behavior   /  14
	Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University
	William G. Weeks, Oklahoma State University
Developmental Mentoring:  Connecting the Dots  /  19
	Joyce W. Fields, Columbia College, SC
	Ned S. Laff, Governors State University, IL
	Robin F. Rosenthal, Columbia College, SC
Co-authorship: A Teacher-Student Collaboration  /  31
	Tara B. Perry, Western Washington University
	Anna Eblen, Western Washington University
	Brian Launius, Western Washington University
	Hayley Peterson, Western Washington University
“Pearls of Wisdom” for Beginning Teachers  /  40
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Peer Assessment in Education: Who Am I Interview  /  46
	Scott Robinson, University of Hawaii at Manoa
	Carli Ing, University of Hawaii at Manoa
	Jacqueline Meggs, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Backward Design for High-Stakes Achievement  /  53
	Stacy Furness, University of Wisconsin, River Falls
	Brenda Wright, University of Wisconsin, River Falls
Bridging the Gap between theory and practice in Design   /  59
	Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Minnesota
Public Schools and Students with Disabilities  /  65
	Martin G. Brodwin, California State University Los Angeles, CA
	Steven C. Fleisher, California State University Channel Islands, CA
Promoting a Positive Classroom Environment  /  73
	Catherine Dallman, Ball State University, IN
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University, IN
Steps to Take to Complete English Academic Papers  /  78
	Kyeongheui Kim, Western Oregon University
Mock interviews for adolescents: How to get a job  /  84
	Skyler Rossacci, Spring Branch Independent School District
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Teaching Strategies for Critical Thinking Skills  /  89
	Christine Sereni- Massinger, Saint Leo University, FL
	Nancy Wood, Saint Leo University, FL
Text Connections to Foster Learning Engagement  /  95
	Christine K. Kenney, University of Michigan-Flint
	Nicole Evans, University of Michigan-Flint
Improving Student Engagement with Blended Learning  /  103
	Hanna Hlebasko, Ball State University, IN
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University, IN
Compliment in English and Chinese   /  108
              Feifei Han, University of Sydney, Australia 
Scholastic Achievement through Self-leadership   /  114
	John Garger, Metronome Computer Services, NY
	Paul H. Jacques, Rhode Island College, RI
How Faculty Members Fight Matters  /  120
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University, MN
The Efficacy of Clickers using Enhanced Controls  /  126
	Kenneth M. Cramer, University of Windsor, Canada
	Craig Ross, University of Windsor, Canada
	Emily Orr, University of Windsor, Canada
	Ann Marcoccia, University of Windsor, Canada

Author Index  /    132
School Index  /   133

Twenty  how-tos for teaching and learning    I have been teaching students of many ages for 
over twenty-five years.    I care about their future and dream of how they can make our society 
a better place to live in today’s turbulent world.   The need is more pressing than when I started
teaching. In reflecting upon my career, I realize that I was privileged to  have many people who 
supported and mentored me in my journey. They gave me many how-tos that I have in my tool 
box and their dedication to learners remains a shining model.  My desire to learn from others 
who share my passion continues. 

Much has transpired in the education environment in the past ten years. Changes in economics, 
technology, and student  demographics add new dimensions to the world of education. 
Surrounded by a culture of increased public scrutiny,  student success is a buzzword with increased 
attention being given to measuring outcomes, retention, and graduation  rates. Results of brain-based 
learning investigations, advanced research methodologies, and assessments of outcomes  reveal 
that classrooms need to be student-centered as compared to teacher-centered to maximize learning. 
Rather than  being solely lectured to, students need to actively engage with course content to maximize 
their learning. Additionally,  educators are expected to promote positive holistic outcomes in students’ 
cognitive, emotional, and social lives. Gone are  the days of evaluating teachers solely by their 
pedagogical methods as student learning has become the focus. As a result,  administrators and 
teachers alike realize that teaching skills are not something that is learned and repeated over the years. 
Instead, striving for continual improvement is critical to meet the developments of today.  

This SIB volume is a compilation of 20 helpful examples for educators who want to increase student 
learning in the classroom.  Educators from diverse disciplines share relevant theories and best practices 
to individuals who want to meet changing  demands and achieve increased excellence their field.  
Please join me in reading this book as we learn new how-tos and  are energized by the enthusiasm 
of others in our field. 

Marilyn Lockhart, Ed. D.   
Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence and Professor,  Montana State University

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  1. - 5684-v9x+4391-9j - - - - 10 -- TXabe 1B-------j HOW-TO TECHNOLOGY-1 The Technological Demands of Today’s Workforce
  2. + 5658-6v rev 10 - - - TAIabe 1 - - rs - - - v LANGUAGE CULTURE English learners’ use of listening strategy
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5587-5j revised 11 - 5 - SCabe 3 - - 147 - - - l MENTORING HOW-TO Developmental Mentoring: 	
	Connecting the Dots   2015 Summer
5533-4z revised 10 - - - NYabe 1B - - - - - - - v SCIENCE-3* HOW-TO Writing-Intensive Chemistry 	
	and the Arts 		2015 Spr  
5537-5v revised 10 - - - PAabe 1B - - - - - - - v ONLINE HOW-TO Overcoming Challenges in 	
	Distance Education 		2015 Spr 
5517-4z revised 10 - - - TXabe 1B - - 968 - - z EFFICACY* HOW-TO “Pearls of Wisdom” for 	
	Beginning Teachers 	2014 Win   
5460-4l revised 10 - - - INabe 4B - - - - - - - v l HOW-TO SOTL-1 Promoting Effective Teaching
	2014 Win   
5459-4l revised 10 - - - INabe 2B - - - 898 - - l HOW-TO ASSESSMENT-3 How to use Cognitive 	
	Psychology when Testing      2014 Sum   

5458-4l revised 10 - - - INabe 2B - - 894 - - - z HOW-TO ONLINE How to Succeed with 	
	Asynchronous Online Delivery 	2014 Win   
5419-4j revised 10 - - - INabe 2B - - 879 - - j TECHNOLOGY-11 HOW-TO 
	Using Learning Technology to Enhance Teaching 
5382-4v revised 10 - 2 - PAabe 4B - - - 838 - - zv CRITICAL* SWH Improving Critical Thinking with 	
	Science Inquiry 	2014 Spring
5353-3j revised 10 - - - PAabe1B - - - - - - - j HOW-TO WRITING Authentic and Collaborative Writing 	
	Strategies 	2013 Fal   
5350-3z revised 11 - - - FCabe 1- - - 867 - vlz LIBRARY* HOW-TO Essentials of a Public Library 	
	Marketing Plan      2014 Spr   
5347-3j revised 11 - - - FCabe 1B - 802- - - - j HOW-TO ONLINE Effective Online Search and 	
	Evaluation Strategies 	2013 Fal   
5326-3j revised 10 --- INabe 2B - - - - - - - - - j HOW-TO ONLINE The Use of Wikis in Online 	
	Education      2013 Fal   
5153-2j revised 10 -- TXabe 1B-693---j LITERACY-2 HOW-TO Creative Problem Solving in 	
	Technical Writing 	2012 Fal  
5103-2l revised 10 -- MDabe 1B-652--jl SERVICE* HOW-TO Transforming Students through Service 	
	Abroad 	2012 Fal   
5101-2l revised 10 1- ILabe 1B-655--jl MANAGEMENT-2* HOW-TO A Process for Student Focused 	
	Course Improvement 	2012 Fal   
5058-2v revised 10 -- CAabe 1B-626---l LEADERSHIP-5 HOW-TO Leadership on Committees in 	
	Higher Education    2012 Sum   
5019-1z revised 10 -- WVabe 2B-577---z ALTERNATIVE-1 HOW-TO Information Literacy in Art 	
	History 	2011 Win   
4981-2l revised  10 -- CAabe 1B-583---l ZEITGEIST-2 HOW-TO Elevating Emotions in the 	
	Classroom 	2012 Sum   
4876-1j revised 10 -- OKabp 2--496--vj MANAGEMENT-3 HOW-TO Teaching a Large-Scale 	
	Database Course      2012 Spr   

2011 win
5007-1z revised 10 -- DCabe 2B-573---z ALTERNATIVE-1 SCHOLAR RefWorks as a Pedagogy 
5006-1z revised 10 -- KSabe 1B-------z ALTERNATIVE-1 LITERACY Using The Simpsons in 
5004-1z revised 10 -- NYabe 2B-575---z ALTERNATIVE-1ART Online Instruction for Art History 
.4934-1j revised 10 1- OHabe 4B -559--zj STUDENT-1 TEACHER Teacher training through a 
4843-1l revised 10 1- MIabe 3B-461---l STUDENT-9  WEB Instructor E-mail as Relational 

2011 fall
4915-1j revised 10 -- CAabe 1B-522---j LEADERSHIP-2 FESTSCHRIFT The Retired Principal as 
4891-1j revised 10 -- FCabe 1--530---j LEADERSHIP-2 ADMINISTRATION Preparing to be a 
4875-1l revised 10 2- FCabe 2B-----vjl ASSESSMENT-10 LANGUAGE Portfolio Assessment to 

2011 sum
4844-1l revised 10 -- NYabe 1B-------l STUDENT-9 EDUCATION Discussing Conflicts through 
4840-1l revised 10 3- ILabp 1B-483---l METHODOLOGY-3 RESEARCH Teaching Students Plain 
.4839-1l revised 10 -- PAabe 1B-493---l TEACHER ELEMENTARY Social Studies Scavenger 
.4838-1l revised 10 -- MIabe 3B-480---l TECHNOLOGY-3 COLLABORATION Using the Wiki in 
4567-0j revised 10 -- DCabe 1B-486--lj MULTIMEDIA CJUSTICE Use of VR simulations as a 

2011  spr
4826-1w revised 10 -- MIabe 1B-------w WRITING-8 METHODOLOGY Investigating Us-Them 
4822-1w revised 10 -- TXabe 2B-445---w LANGUAGE-11 ADULT Encouraging Adult English 
4814-1w revised 10 -- MDabe 2B-434---w ADJUNCT-5 FESTSCHRIFT Engaging Community 
4800-1w revised 10 -- FCabe 2B-------w LANGUAGE-11 VIRTUAL A Framework for Evaluating 
4793-1w revised 10 5- MAabe 1B-439---w MATH-2 ELEMENTARY Disconnecting to Reconnect 
4717-1w revised 10 -- NYabe 1B-------w WRITING-8 NOVEL Teaching—Not Prescribing—Twain 
4707-0z revised 11 2- NYabe 1B-426--wl LITERACY METHODOLOGY A Learner-Centered 

 2010 win
4758-0z revised 10 -- MNabp 3B-373---z ASSESSMENT-2 CURRICULUM Effective teaching 
4756-0z revised 10 -- NCabe 1B-402---z ONLINE SCHOLAR Best Practices in Transformative 
4744-0z revised 10 -- RIabe 3--405---z ELEARNINGWRITING Hybridity in an Independent 
4711-0z revised 10 -- CAabe 1B-------z ELEARNING LITERACY Using WordPress to Promote 
4699-1l revised 11 -- ORabe  1B-394---l STUDENT-9 CULTURE Fostering Genuine Dialogue in 
4647-0z revised 11 -- OHabp 1B-362--wz ONLINE WRITING Writing in the Ether: Moving 
4641-0z revised 10 -- CAabe 1B-360---z ELEARNING ASSESSMENT Web-based student data 
4636-0z revised 10 -- FCabp 1B-------z WRITING ELEARNING Research on Green Attitudes 

 2010 fal
4738-0z revised 10 -- FCabe 1B------jz LANGUAGE-5 CULTURE Compliment in English and 
4691-0z revised 10 -- FCabe 1B------jz LANGUAGE-5 LANGUAGE English Loanwords in 
4672-0j revised 10 -- FCabe 2B-------j LANGUAGE-2 ESL Analogy-based phonics for Hong Kong 
4651-0j revised 10 -- OKabe 2B-331---j MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP Teaching Future Leaders 
4649-0j revised 10 -- INabe 2B-316---j CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY Critical Thinking in Four 
4633-0j revised 10 -- FLabe 1B-300---j SERVICE LEADERSHIP Educating Future Leaders 
4602-0l revised 10 -- MTab2 1B-296--jl SCHOLAR-2 EFFICACY-2 The Art and Science of 
4597-0z revised 11 4- TXabe 1B-310--jz ONLINEASSESSMENT-1 Online Learners, Choices, 

2010  sum
4614-0l revised 10 -- OKabe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP-3 STUDENT Let’s Go to the Movies: 
4603-0l revised 10 -- TXabe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP-3 STUDENT Using Life Stories for 
4598-0l revised 10 -- DEabe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP-3 SCHOLAR Design-based learning for 
4592-0l revised 10 -- TXabe 2B------jl SPECIAL-4 SPECIAL-1 Evidence Based Behavioral 
4591-0l revised 11 -- NYabe 1--278---l SCHOLAR-2 DIVERSITY How Field Experiences Prepare 
4578-0l revised 11 1- NYabe 2B--262--l LEADERSHIP-3 ELEARNING-1 ePortfolios in 
4576-0l revised 10 -- NYabe 4--275---l ENVIRONMENT COLLABORATION Green Learning: An 
4573-0l revised 10 -- CTabe 1B-259---l SCHOLAR-2 ONLINE Online Multiple-Choice Quizzes in 
4555-0w revised 10 -- PAabe 1B-284--lw TECHNOLOGY-2 LANGUAGE Thinking Outside the 
4529-0w revised 10 -2 TNabe 2B-226--lw HEALTH-2 SERVICE Using Service-Learning to Teach 
+4465-9z revised 11 -- WAabe 4B-246-lwz COLLABORATION STUDENT-2 Building Community 

 2010 sp
4553-0w revised 10 1- NCabe 3B-231---w READING-1 WEB Webcam-Coaching for Professional 
4550-0w revised 10 -- SCabe 3--------w NOVEL-1 WRITING Using Short Stories in Higher 
4525-0w revised 10 -1 NYabe 3B-216---w INFOLIT-1 ELEARNING Using Podcasts for Assessing 
4522-0w revised 10 -- TXabe 1B-------w NOVEL-1 FICTION Bridging the Gap between Graphic 
4515-0w revised 11 -- NYabe 1B-217---w PBL ART Wiki-based learning in the Art History survey 
4509-0w revised 10 4- GAabe 1-204----w CURRICULUM MATH When to Learn Statistics -
4494-9z revised 10 -- NVabe 1B------wz ONLINE TECHNOLOGY-1 Encouraging Talking to Learn 
4493-9z revised 10 -- VAabp 2B-193--wz ELEARNING GRADUATE Technology Mediated 
4484-9z revised 10 -- LAabe 2B-------w ONLINE SCHOLAR Twitter as an extension of the 
4469-0w revised 10 -- PAabp 2B-200---w CURRICULUM COLLABORATION Collaboration 
4457-0w revised 11 2- NYabe 2B-159---w CURRICULUM METHODOLOGY Teaching Future 

Inclusion criteria for Sound Instruction books
    The primary criteria for selection are
  • topic relevance: Mathematics K-16
  • anticipated level of interest and impact e.g., more than one of the following:
    • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
    • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
    • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
  • The above examples, in no particular order, are from AEQ reviewers' recommendations.
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