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2585-4l revised 10 -- abe 1--------l ROTC Modified Monopoly: A Simulation Game for Experiencing Inequality 
2122-2j revised 09 o/ok ok ok 11--j SCHOLARSHIP The Effect of the Use of Games in the Basic Speech Course 

  1. 4970-2l revised 10 -- DCabe 1B-------l GAMES LAW European Union Simulations
  2. 4967-1z revised 10 -- NCabe 1B------lz ELEARNING GAMES Broadcast Journalism Lessons in Video Games
  3. 4867-1l revised 10 -- FLabe 1B-------l GAMES MID&SEC Play Education Video Game on Their Terms
  4. 4866-1l revised 10 -- NYabe 2B-------l GAMES STUDENT Gamification in Education: What, How, Why Bother?
  5. 4864-1l revised 11 -- NYabe 2B-476---l GAMES TECHNOLOGY The research on games and instructional design
  6. 4860-1l revised 10 1- FCabe 1--482---l GAMES VIRTUAL A Serious Game Compared to a Traditional Training
  7. 4845-1l revised 10 2- VAabe 2B-494---l GAMES PBL Teaching Lean Construction with Games
  8. 4733-0z revised 10 -- TXabe 1B-369---z TECHNOLOGY-8 GAMES Online Whodunit Game Teaches Library Skills
  9. 4654-0z revised 10 -- FCabe 2--------z ELEARNING HISTORY GAMES Using Computer Games to Teach History
  10. 3555-6z revised 10 -- abe 1B223----z POLITICAL GAMES Role Playing Games for Political Science
  11. 3513-6j revised 11 -- abp 2B086----j NON-THEMATIC GAMES A Framework for Developing Classroom Games
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