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July 2016
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3847-7j revised 10 -- abp 2--------j ASSESSMENT STUDENT Research Methods: Assessing Summer vs. Semester 
3845-7j revised 10 -- abe 2B488----j ASSESSMENT WRITING Assessing Students’ Grammatical Competence 
3563-7j revised 10 1- ab- 1-167----j ASSESSMENT STUDENT Practice and Challenges of Formative... 

  1. 5005-1z revised 10 -- NYabp 2B-603--vz ASSESSMENT-3 SCIENCE An Assessment Plan to Study Student Learning
  2. 4875-1l revised 10 2- FCabe 2B-----vjl ASSESSMENT-10 LANGUAGE Portfolio Assessment to uplift Learner’s Autonomy
  3. 4851-1l revised 10 -- NEabe 1B-481---l ASSESSMENT-10 SCHOLAR Informing Validity in Higher Education Assessment
  4. 4751-0z revised 10 3- ILabp 3B-397---wz ASSESSMENT-2 STUDENT Does Freshmen Engagement Predict Student Success?
  5. 4705-0z revised 11 -- WIabe 3B-431--wzw ASSESSMENT-2 VIRTUAL Evaluating Ubiquitous Computing Programs
  6. 4758-0z revised 10 -- MNabp 3B-373---z ASSESSMENT-2 CURRICULUM Effective teaching through investigative science
  7. 4560-0l revised 10 -- NJabe 2B-250---l SECONDARY ASSESSMENT The Error of State Mandated High School Exams
  8. 4453-9z revised 10 -- TXabe 4B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 SPECIAL-1 Behavioral Interventions within a RTI Framework
  9. 4441-9z revised 10 -- TXabe 2B-128---z ASSESSMENT-2 SPECIAL The Hits & Myths of Cross-Battery Assessment
  10. 4439-9z revised 10 -- TXabe 2B-141---z ASSESSMENT-2 SPECIAL SLD Identification: An Analysis of State Policies
  11. 4385-9z revised 10 -- UTabe 2B--121--z ASSESSMENT-2 LANGUAGE-4 The Process of Creating Program Learning Outcomes
  12. 4132-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B-852---z ASSESSMENT SCHOLAR Diverse Assessment Methods Score High Marks
  13. 4111-8j revised 10 -- abe 2B838----z ASSESSMENT READING ORF Measures as Predictors of Reading Performance
  14. 4162-8j revised 10 -- abe 1B-804--jz ASSESSMENT SCHOLARSHIP Assessment of Teaching Grants in Higher Education
  15. 4152-8j revised 10 -- abe 2-824---jz ASSESSMENT SECONDARY Formative Assessment: Sharing Success of Learning
  16. 4119-8j revised 10 -- abp 3B781----j ASSESSMENT EFFICACY The Efficacy of Group-Administered ORF Measures
  17. 4109-8j revised 10 -- abe 1-803----j ASSESSMENT RESEARCH The Characteristics of State Assessment Results
  18. 4108-8j revised 10 -- abe 2B802----j ASSESSMENT STUDENT Outcome Assessment: The Internship Portfolio
  19. 4088-8j revised 11 -- abp 1B706----j ASSESSMENT INTERDISCIPLINARY Assessing Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes
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Inclusion criteria for Sound Instruction books
    The primary criteria for selection are
  • topic relevance: Educational Assessment
  • anticipated level of interest and impact e.g., more than one of the following:
    • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
    • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
    • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
  • The above examples, in no particular order, are from AEQ reviewers' recommendations.
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