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Many non-English-speaking countries have a legacy of world-class academic accomplishments.
However, much of published material never receives any global recognition because it is written
in a language other than English.

Now, authors holding copyrights © of said material (e.g. articles, books, dissertations) are welcome
to submit abridged English version of their article or book (dissertation) synopsis in English.

So defined way to publish, opens opportunity to identify authors from non-English-speaking countries
as members of their discipline-specific global educational community.   Because, there is no denying
that one must publish in English to gain international recognition i.e. to be cited by other authors.

Read on for further discussion on this subject:
          -- Is there science beyond English? by Rogerio Meneghini & Abel L. Packer
             EMBO reports VOL 8 - NO 2; 2007
          -- English Global Dominance and the Other Languages of Higher Education and Research by Jorge Balan
             Columbia Global Centers; 2011
          -- The Rise of English: The Language of Globalization in China and the European Union by Anne Johnson
             Macalester International Vol. 22; 2009

Email at least two attachments to

FIRST attachment, in Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX file, offering abridged English version of your publication.
    The text, length 1000 – 3000 words, should be arranged as follows:
  1. Title   maximum length 49 letters/characters, including spaces
  2. Author   author's name and academic affiliation, plus postal address and email contact
  3. Abstract   45-85 words
  4. Introduction
  5. Literature Review
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Endnotes   use endnotes to direct readers to your original publication e.g. to view charts, figures, tables
  9. References   enter full citation of your original publication & if any, English language references used in your writing

SECOND attachment, in PDF or JPG file, offering a readable copy of the original publication.

             Limit copying as follows
          -- article: one or more attachments for first ten pages (including journal cover)
          -- book or dissertation: one or more attachments for first ten pages
          -- Due to virus and security concerns, we do not accept zipped or compressed files.
          -- We will disregard received submission when requirements are not observed.

NOTE We seek to acknowledge receipt of submissions within 72 hours.
          -- You will receive a manuscript submission number.
          -- Use it in all correspondence with this journal.
          -- In general, allow 2-4 months for review process.
          -- You can monitor the editorial progress at TRACK-YOUR-SUBMISSION
          -- After publication, you are eligible to get a free PDF copy of your article.   Use
              Article Copy Order Form   In place “Check for _____________ enclosed.” write GLOBAL-FREE.

Thanks for selecting a Global Perspective for your professional needs.


You may bypass aforesaid Global Perspective requirements
if you have an original article in English (never published)
that meets Academic Exchange Quarterly Six simple submission steps.
Authors from the following universities have done so already e.g.
Germany     Poland     Russia     Ukraine
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