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XV TOPIC to be defined in 2018-19
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-15
          Foreword by   ooo
XIV STEM Part 2   2018 spring
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-14

        Foreword by   Cherie A. McCollough, Ph.D.
XIII SOTL   Part 3   2017 spr
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-13

        Foreword by   Deborah McCarthy, Ph. D.
XII SOTL   Part 2   Fall 2016
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-12

        Foreword by   James W. Jones, Ed.D.
XI HOW-TO   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-11

        Foreword by   Marilyn Lockhart, Ed. D.
X Health   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-10

        Foreword by   Elizabeth Wadlington, Ph.D.
IX STEM   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-9

        Preface by Steve S. Pec
VIII Diversity   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-8

        Preface by Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ph.D.
VII SOTL   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-7

        Introduction by   C. A. McCollough, PhD.
VI Students   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-6

        Foreword by   Denise McDonald, Ed.D.
V Language   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-5

        Introduction by R. L. Chism, Ph.D.
        Anna Franca Plastina
        Emilia Di Martino
        Marilyn Pasqua
        Bruna Di Sabato
IV Writing Center   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-4

        Foreword by Karen Johnson, Ed.D.
        Preface by   Kellie A. Charron
III Collaboration   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-3

        Melody D'Ambrosio Deprez, Ed.D.
        Anita Jones, Ed.D.
        Kara Rusk, Ed.D.
II Ready to Use   Part 2
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-2

        Melinda R. Pierson, Ph.D.
        Kristin K. Stang, Ph.D.
        Ben Varner, Ph.D.
        Preface pp.5-6 (pdf file)
I Ready to Use   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-0-4

        Editor:   Linda Serra Hagedorn, Ph.D.
        Preface pp.13-14

  • Sound Instruction Books
    • aim to enhance quality teaching and learning
    • explore challenges and decisions
      facing academia
  • Sound Instruction Books (SIB) offer
    four types of publications
           1. Topic compilation of updated articles
               from Academic Exchange Quarterly
           2. Proceedings, papers presented in
               a conference or workshop: local, state,
               national, and international levels.
           3. Collection of reports and evaluations of
               (a) university-wide panel discussion
               (b) graduate course(s) offered by
                 a university for five or more years
           4. Festschrift or Gedenkschrift publication
  • Book Editor and Foreword Writer
    are chosen from AEQ
    • published authors
    • reviewers
    • feature editors
      apply now
  • Invitation to write a Foreword
    AEQ published author email proposal for
    500-900 words essay.   Ideally it is written
    by experienced educator with academic
    rank of Associate Professor or higher.
    Usually, a typical foreword explains the
    purpose of the book and why itís so
    important to read it.   Often, it may
    describe ways how the book can be
    used in the classroom.   There are no set
    requirements for foreword.   So there is
    room to be creative.   See volumes to your
    left ( XII, XI, X, VI, IV) for some examples.
    Foreword is subject to the same editing
    process as submitted paper.
  • Book Editor or Publisher determines
    book content
    • Book Editor writes Preface
    • Book Editor or Publisher invites AEQ published author to write Foreword
    • Book Editor or Publisher engages in marketing and promotion
    • AEQ staff reads page proofs
  • SIB book production consists of
    three benchmarks, showing number
    of articles in each
  • Read criteria for selection to CONSIDERED
  • Authors of articles under CONSIDERED
    are invited to submit updates per
    guidelines in Updating Published Articles
  • Articles with updating # NNNN-LN+NNNN-NL
    are listed under RECOMMENDED
  • Properly updated articles are listed
    under APPROVED
  • NO update is required for AEQ article with current references
  • Occasionally, one and the same article may be listed in two different SIB volumes. Usually, the error is corrected
    in authorís favor.
  • Article published in SIB may be
    re-published in AEQ - to promote
    the authorís scholarship
  • One can monitor the editorial
Need assistance?

    Criteria for selection to CONSIDERED
  • topic relevance
  • anticipated level of interest and impact e.g., more than one of the following:
    • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
    • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
    • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
    • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
    • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
    • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
    • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
    • exemplifies current scholarly trends
    • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
    • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping Ďbehind the timesí faculty
    • makes a significant original contribution to the field
    • contains elements which have general application
    • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
  • The above examples, in no particular order, are from AEQ reviewers' recommendations.

       Usually 97% approved articles are published as scheduled.
       Article publication is assured when it is listed in the bookís table of contents.

We reserve the right to make editorial and publishing changes at any time for any reason.

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          SIB was suggested, brainstormed, developed, and put together by a team of AEQ published authors.
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