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XIV STEM Part 2   2018 spring
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-14

        Foreword by   Cherie A. McCollough, Ph.D.
XIII SOTL   Part 3   2017 spr
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-13

        Foreword by   Deborah McCarthy, Ph. D.
XII SOTL   Part 2   Fall 2016
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-12

        Foreword by   James W. Jones, Ed.D.
XI HOW-TO   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-11

        Foreword by   Marilyn Lockhart, Ed. D.
X Health   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-10

        Foreword by   Elizabeth Wadlington, Ph.D.
IX STEM   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-9

        Preface by Steve S. Pec
VIII Diversity   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-8

        Preface by Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ph.D.
VII SOTL   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-7

        Introduction by   C. A. McCollough, PhD.
VI Students   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-6

        Foreword by   Denise McDonald, Ed.D.
V Language   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-5

        Introduction by R. L. Chism, Ph.D.
        Anna Franca Plastina
        Emilia Di Martino
        Marilyn Pasqua
        Bruna Di Sabato
IV Writing Center   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-4

        Foreword by Karen Johnson, Ed.D.
        Preface by   Kellie A. Charron
III Collaboration   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-3

        Melody D'Ambrosio Deprez, Ed.D.
        Anita Jones, Ed.D.
        Kara Rusk, Ed.D.
II Ready to Use   Part 2
        ISBN 0-9709895-1-2

        Melinda R. Pierson, Ph.D.
        Kristin K. Stang, Ph.D.
        Ben Varner, Ph.D.
        Preface pp.5-6 (pdf file)
I Ready to Use   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-0-4

        Editor:   Linda Serra Hagedorn, Ph.D.
        Preface pp.13-14

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One listed volume is not
available already:
I Ready to Use   Part 1
        ISBN 0-9709895-0-4

        Editor:   Linda Serra Hagedorn, Ph.D.


  • Sound Instruction Books
    • aim to enhance quality teaching and learning
    • explore challenges and decisions
      facing academia
  • Sound Instruction Books (SIB) offer
    four types of publications
           1. Topic compilation of updated articles
               from Academic Exchange Quarterly
           2. Proceedings, papers presented in
               a conference or workshop: local, state,
               national, and international levels.
           3. Collection of reports and evaluations of
               (a) university-wide panel discussion
               (b) graduate course(s) offered by
                 a university for five or more years
           4. Festschrift or Gedenkschrift publication
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