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   2017 marks our 20th year of publication   

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   2001 - present

      	             2018  opportunity to acquire  RIG
Rapid Intellect Group Inc (RIG),    20 years old  family-owned academic  
publisher  - financially self sufficient  - is known for two print  publications:  
Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ)  and  Sound Instruction Books (SIB),  
plus  a number of open-access  venues  (OA).

Content is the difference between AEQ and SIB.  Each issue of AEQ 
covers a range of topics while each SIB volume includes a specific topic.  
 AEQ -  regular quarterly  publication -   has published  84  print issues:   
	2700+  articles  by 3600+ authors  from 1160+ colleges and  
	universities  located  in the USA and  50+ countries.
SIB - irregular publication - has published 14 print volumes:  280+ articles  
         by 340+  authors  in the USA and  abroad.
OA - Editors' Choice,  HOW-TO-ESSAY ,  Zeitgeist Essay -  usually makes
	selected full-text articles  free to all, authors and readers.

Additional AEQ and  RIG  details are available  in  2007  Tenth 
Anniversary Editorial     http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/2007falE1.htm 

Today, in 2018, instead review of 2nd decade activities,  2008-2017, 
I offer  opportunity to acquire  RIG.  Because  of  age 70+ years old, 
it is time  to step down as  publisher  and  owner.

For an interested party to acquire RIG, without  any upfront cost, 
the following  is required:
1. college or university in the USA, Canada or  Europe
2. transition period:  3-5 years  full-time employment 	
    followed by  2-4 years  part-time  work  
3. plans for AEQ  and  SIB  plus  OA
4. WAAE-W excluded from this  acquisition.

I  can respond to postal inquiry only.  Expect reply in 2-6 weeks.

S. Pec,   POB  70,  Climax, NY   12042   USA 

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