Writing American Academic English, WAAE
Workbook for Intermediate and Beyond Level

WAAE at a glance
The workbook's basic approach derives from authors' experience that an educated learner is best served
by combining reading and writing with an intellectual understanding of grammatical structure.   WAAE is
available in two formats: print and PDF file   A free access to print format is available when local library
(school or public) has an annual subscription to Academic Exchange Quarterly.   PDF format is available
by annual subscription of $67 USD.

Read WAAE proposal for details such as What, Who, Why, How, When, Extra.
Below is the approved workbook version of   Who,   What,   How,   When.

Writing American Academic English is for international students in US colleges,   college faculty in non-English
countries,   and independent learners with at least one year of college English as a Second Language, ESL, or
equivalent.   In addition, because exercises and writing pattern drills are based on text from articles published
in Academic Exchange Quarterly,   WAAE can be useful as a supplementary resource for teachers of American
English, and Writing Center or Writing Across the Curriculum faculty, staff.
Call for papers: Teaching and Learning American English

WAAE content makes a distinction between passive and active knowledge of written English. Workbook
spiral construction is organized with increasing complexity resulting in transition from consumer to producer
of information.   There are 500 pages, 50 units (48 + 2 optional) and 4 tests.

How 48 + 2 units (00-00 and 49-49)
00-00 - Introduction, suggestions for using WAAE-W
01-02 - MORPHOLOGY: prefixes, roots, suffixes, and acronym, blending, clipping, compounding
03-04 - WORD CLASSES: content, lexical, autosemantic; and function, structural, grammatical words
05-06 - TRANSITION words: connect words, sentences, paragraphs;   help to understand any writing
07-08 - SYNTAX: phrases, clauses, sentences, and punctuation
09-10 - VOICE: active and passive
11-12 - SENTENCE structure: SV, SVO, SVC, SVOO, SVOC, SVCA
13-14 - SENTENCE types: simple, compound , complex, compound-complex.
15-16 - SENTENCE tenses: simple present and past, present perfect.
17-18 - PARAGRAPH types: descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, and bio-sketch
19-20 - PARAGRAPH types: introduction, body, conclusion
21-22 - ESSAY with 3 parts: introduction, body, conclusion
23-24 - ESSAY with 5 parts: general background, purpose, procedure, results, conclusion
25-25 - MOVING from essay to article.   OPTIONAL Qualifying Test-2
26-27 - REVERSE OUTLINING - topic outline, sentence outline
28-29 - PARTS of research paper: abstract, introduction, lit review, discussion, conclusion, references
30-31 - COLLEGE - class paper.    START READING Academic Exchange Quarterly full text articles
32-33 - COLLEGE - graduate seminar paper
34-35 - SOURCES - print, non-print, multimedia, web sites, blogs, message boards   OPTIONAL Qualifying Test-3
36-37 - SOURCES - scholarly, academic, professional, trade, current affairs, opinion, newspapers, popular
38-38 - SOURCES - primary, secondary, tertiary (encyclopedias, almanacs, textbooks),
39-39 - SOURCES - gray literature (dissertations, theses, working papers, conference proceeds, oral presentations)
40-41 - DISCIPLINE discourse professional writing: articles, editorials, reviews
42-43 - DISCIPLINE discourse scholarly papers: articles, research reports, critical essays
44-45 - WRITING style guides: AMA, APA, ASA, CBE, Chicago, MLA, Turabian
46-47 - COPYRIGHT - fair use in digital publishing;   plagiarism vs paraphrasing   OPTIONAL Qualifying Test-4
48-48 - DIFFERENCES between American and British English: vocabulary, collective nouns, auxiliary verbs,
                past tense verbs, tag questions, spelling, and numeric date format
49-49 - OPTIONAL - have your own monolingual or bilingual dictionary.

You are welcome to start this workbook at any time after December 2017. WAAE 48 units can be completed
in roughly 700 hours, in two years (one unit every two weeks - 7 hours a week) or never, just use what you
need in your language learning endeavor.   WAAE is available in two formats: print and PDF file.

Qualifying tests serve as benchmarks to measure learner progress from passive to active knowledge.
Test results are offered on OPTIONAL basis, and require completion of stated requirements.
A learner completing OPTIONAL requirements with score 70% or higher is welcome to submit article
for publication consideration.

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